6ème année de soutien aux écoles de couture dans des villages de la région de jodhpur. achat de machines et de fournitures, formation des enseignantes. l’objectif étant de développer l’indépendance économique des femmes.

Finanzielle unterstützung (3. jahr) von schneiderateliers in verschiedenen dörfern. ankauf von nähmaschinen und material, ausbildung von lehrkräften.   2006: comité de berne

This is our fifth year. the program includes health and education promotion for young girls and women, in an area of india, where girls are still kept inside doors until they are married (as young as 10). by providing young women an opportunity to bring an income to the family, once they have been trained by the program, they gain another status and are in a better position to defend their interests and the interests of their daughters. our funds provide for new sewing machines and input, and the salaries of the teachers – chosen among former students.  

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