FDNF en un Clin d’Oeil

Swiss Public Interest Association

FdnF, a Swiss association without political or religious affiliation, founded in 1965, is a group of experienced volunteers with expertise in economic and social development, administrative and financial management, and communication.

Four cantonal committees Geneva-Valais, Vaud, Friborg-Berne and Neuchâtel ensure the economic and financial management of their projects.

The Executive Council

  • decides which projects to support
    defines the general policy of the association at its quarterly meeting.

The General Assembly is held once a year.

The Bureau

Assures, under the aegis of the president, the direction and management of the association.

The Project Team

  • reviews incoming funding applications and submits them to the Executive Council
  • ensures close monitoring of projects through permanent contacts
    and field trips.

The Presidency

Succeeding Professors Gilbert Etienne, Gilles Petitpierre, and Jean-Luc Maurer, Mrs. Primola Nicole has been chairing FdnF since 2017 after the departure of Mr. Maurer.


FdnF has only one salaried part-time secretary position.

Volunteers provide day-to-day management of the association.


FdnF publishes a quarterly newsletter.