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The Association aims to contribute, through direct action, to the development of the most disadvantaged populations, particularly in Africa, Asia and Latin America. It strives to help them through targeted projects that meet the needs of local populations, aim to improve their quality of life, maintain their own culture and promote their autonomy.

The Association pays particular attention to projects concerning the development of women and children in order to improve their training, education and physical and moral integrity.

In order to broaden its audience throughout Switzerland, the Association encourages the creation of cantonal committees that do not have legal personality with the exception of the Canton of Vaud committee.

The cantonal committees organise themselves freely; they act under their own responsibility in accordance with the aims, spirit and statutes of the Association.

They choose, among the projects proposed by the Association, those they intend to finance. They may submit to the Bureau new projects which will be studied and, if found in conformity with the aims of the Association, will be proposed to the vote of the nearest Executive Council.

They equip themselves with the organs necessary for a lasting and continuous activity.

Before taking an important decision morally binding on the Association, they shall consult the Executive Council.

Donations and bequests to a cantonal committee are part of the Association’s assets. The Executive Board shall ensure that they are devoted as appropriate, as a matter of priority, to the Committee’s own activity to which they have been allocated.

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