The Bern Committee of Frères de nos Frères was created at the same time as Geneva, in 1965.

En ce moment, juin 2018, il y a toujours environs 500 personnes qui sont supporters de FdnF Berne. Le comité est actuellement géré par le Comité de Fribourg. Nous aimerions garder une présence dans la région et donc si vous êtes intéressés et disponsibles de vous occuper de ce comité de manière bénévole, nous vous encourageons de contacter le siège de l’Association à Genève grâce au formulaire ci-dessous.

Management of the FdnF Committe of Bern

15 + 1 =

Join our team of volunteers from the Berne Committee within the Swiss Association of Frères de nos Frères

Frères de nos Frères

We fund agriculture and education projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America. For the Bern, Fribourg and Neuchâtel Committees, we are looking for people to lead and manage these Committees.

These persons will be responsible for the Committee, including the following tasks:

Contacts with donors
Study of projects and field trips
Organization of fundraising events
Administration and financial management of the Committee
Participation in the Executive Council of the Association (4 times a year)
This voluntary activity, carried out in an environment of an NGO founded more than 50 years ago and in charge of projects to help poor populations, represents 3 to 4 days of work per month that can be done at home. Knowledge of basic computer applications (Excel, Word and messaging) is required.

Send an email to info (at) to submit your application

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